The Story Factory

Once upon a time, I came upon this saree sitting in a small shop in Coimbatore. It was the stuff daydreams are made of. I had been researching it, and you know I am a self proclaimed researcher. So when it manifested before me, I tried not to swoon.

It was made by the legendary weaver of the Tranvancore royal family. Lore has it that Koili Thampuran of Kilimanoor was so talented as a weaver that the then Maharaja of Travancore sent him to France to study French laces. There, Koili interacted with the cremedelacreme of the art world. This legendary saree came to him in an absinthe induced stupor while he was partaking of it at a Parisian Cafe with Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh.

He kept detailed notes of his dream and immediately started weaving the saree when he came back to India. It took 4 years but the result was more magical than absinthe induced stupors. It was a combination of pixie dust with French lace and the glorious tradition of Travancore silks. The Queen mother draped it for the coronation of the new monarch. The legendary saree could not be replicated by any other weaver in history.

So this saree that I have draped has nothing to do with the yarn I just spun. It is a Coimbatore silk all right, I found it at a showroom and another person had her hands on it. When she kept it back, I picked it up and politely asked if she wanted it. My sareepathic crazed eyes might have given away what I was thinking “I will bite your carotid if you don’t drop it”.
I had fallen in love with the blue shade and the hints of pink and green in the pallu.

PS : this is a work of fiction, no connection to anyone living or dead, I have never in my life been to Coimbatore


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