Sarees and Relationships

I started collecting sarees only about 3 years ago. That’s when I seriously started draping. From once a month initially, to now draping every day and also on holidays.

The last 7 years of my life have been the most beautiful, because it was 7 years ago that my little sunshine was born. She brought so much joy with the sounds of her voice that we had so far, never experienced. Language and speech had been missing from my elder one’s childhood. Autism gave us beautiful insights, and spectacular breakthroughs, but our world was devoid of meaningful words strung together in sentences. Our world had thus far been silent.

My daughter had just started speaking and I would go fawning over every word she uttered. At that time, an elder lady visited my house and pointed out that my daughter was addressing every one as ‘tu’ and not ‘aap’.
‘Aap’ is the respectable form of address in Hindi and ‘tu’ is non formal.
I was astounded that someone found something to criticise in these magical divinely beautiful sounds!

But I digress. I was intending to tell about the sarees that I bought during the years of her infancy and toddlerhood. She learnt to touch sarees and ask “Is it cotton?”
If she liked a saree very much, she would say “Ma this is Elsa saree!”
Elsa of Frozen fame. Elsa and her belongings were the epitome of desirability.

She became my partner in crime, gushing over beautiful sarees. Once in a while she would say “I want this when I grow up ”
I was surprised at how incredibly easy it is to raise her and love her.
And then we went shopping for her birthday dresses. I love the princess frocks so very very much. I found crowns and tiaras and wands and wings!
My mathematical precise thought processes had never known snowflakes on frocks and I was enamoured. Daughter would practically drag me out of shops selling tiaras. I wanted them all!

So sarees bought during these happy days will forever make my heart glow with love. They are hardly objects, sarees are relationships. 7 years ago I would have laughed at this sentimental nonsense. Not anymore.

This telia saree I draped today, so many memories already linked to it, all of laying down roots and connecting to emotions.


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