Lapis Blue

It was raining yesterday. I clicked some pictures of my garden. During rains my garden look like how my children look just before I see them off for school. All neat and combed and fresh. Within 30 seconds, my daughter manages to make her hair look like Mowgli of wolf upbringing fame. Likewise, the moment it stops raining, the garden starts pretending no other season is worth living for. I have to give them all my love, and patience so they may thrive.

Seasons have this peculiar tendency to overdo themselves. Just when you start enjoying the warmth, nature decides to bless you with more and mercury climbs to boiling point. If you love the rain, it will give you so much rain, that you stay awake at night thinking if it’s possible for oceans to overflow?

Not that there aren’t other horrors to worry about. Human ingenuity comes up with new abominations every day. Why, we can easily look forward to a world war sometime soon, if one is particularly well informed and reads multiple newspapers every day.
That’s why I also follow the Paleontology publications, they predict that dinosaurs will be revived and we will all by killed by marauding packs of big lizards. That’s a comforting thought if one knows about Auschwitz-Birkenau etc.

Draped this lapis lazuli blue (does the colour name exist or did I just invent it??) begumpuri yesterday

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