Thin is a state of mind.

In yesterday’s pic I was looking thin, many friends have commented thus. I believe an explanation is warranted. Yes, I have cut carbs like by only about 80 percent of what I was having before. So I think I lost around 2 kg weight over the last month.
No one noticed in the pic I put up on Monday. I couldn’t have lost significantly in the four days that followed, because it’s only on Friday that you all noticed.

Let me share the secret.
1. You have to wear a very loose blouse, one that keeps falling off your shoulders as well as doesn’t at all fit your arm circumference. It should look like you wore your heavier cousin’s hand me downs.

2. Set the timer selfie and suck in your tummy.

3. Lean forward slightly so your head looms large over the entire picture and body becomes disproportionately small. Think Megamind.

4. Buy your phone after carefully researching which company is giving you the best photo filters. They make you glow like you just conceived a very naughty idea.

Despite every body positivity song I sing, do not believe for a second that I am comfortable in my body. I would have exchanged it with a fitter body in a jiffy if my kiddos allowed it. They like my jiggly belly, my kissable cheeks and my well padded shoulders and arms. So long as they like it, I’m keeping it.

Your comments in the morning made me think I should be able to carry off a synthetic saree today. I mean you never know if I gain the 2 kg back by tomorrow, better not take a chance and drape the sexy thing right away. Also do notice how my leafy garden has proliferated by chain migration, from one pot to another, and now there’s a whole wall of it.
This bandhej in psychedelic colours is very appropriate for my Friday .


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