An Ode to Laziness 2

My last post didn’t go down well with certain sections of society- the organized sensible sections.
They accused me of glorifying laziness. I don’t know if it’s even fair to understand me so accurately. I hereby register my protest.

There are so many industrious, ant-like hardworking people forming the backbones of civilization, slogging away. Of course, without them we would collapse in a heap of anarchy which would be fun until you realise there’s no cake to eat. Like my family on any regular day, you’d have to resort to bread.

Bread isn’t all that bad, particularly the white, unhealthy, intestine and artery clogging, maida variety. The grocery shops are selling it as food, believe it or not, and not even with statutory warnings!

Not that cake is such an angel. Make it with whole grain and no frosting and it’s as good as sweetened cardboard. Make it conventional way and die young.

The fall-winter collection food showstopper this year is kadha (karha). People are guzzling it by the gallons and causing air pollution to worsen.
It looks and tastes like poison, I’ve been told, but is not poison. It boosts immunity, much like ageing boosts cleavage.

I forgot to plead the case for laziness, got distracted by food. Will continue in next post

Draped this soft batik cotton, the perfect comfort  sarees for home bound laziness


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