An Ode to Laziness

If you think I’m inventing a planetary system or something because I’ve been silent all this while, you are wrong. I have been lounging in home clothes (non saree) and eating junk mostly.

One day I did find some motivation somewhere and went for a walk. When I came back, my peeps were very worried from my appearance of fatigue but I assured them that I just needed a quiet place now to go and die. Never attempted anything like a walk again.

I have ample practice breaking resolutions remorselessly. Yes the world is still waiting for me to whip up six course gourmet meals to pretty up my dining table. Alas, the world will go on waiting to eternity. I haven’t learnt a single new dish but I have discovered that I have witch hands that makes my mustard paste go invariably bitter.

Among the other lockdown resolutions that I have trashed are cacti (they die), origami (the scissors were bad), educating my children (they still barbarians) and inventing an affordable roti maker (just eat rice).

Freud said you are mentally healthy if you are able to work and love. Since I’m able to do both, I try not to let anything else guilt me into making changes I don’t need. I’d rather swim in gratitude, for my place in this world.

Draped this tussar today as I was worried it will tear at the folds from disuse atrophy


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